Wait…What?! We’re on a Reality Show?! WTF?!

OK so we did a stupid thing and let people film us while we made our new movie Hollidaysburg and now apparently it’s a ‘docu-series’ called The Chair on Starz?! WTF?!?

Check out the trailer (it’s soooo intense) and watch the series that poses the fascinating creative question what if two directors attempted to make the same story.

Our contender is Periods. Films creator Anna Martemucci making her feature film directorial debut. She is in ‘competition’ with YouTuber Shane Dawson who’s version of the story is now called Not Cool.

The series premieres Saturday, September 5th on Starz Network at 11pm (really?) but you can also binge watch the first 5 eps starting then as well.

It’s a wild ride and we will be posting our side of the events every saturday after the show here on our blog. Take a seat in the chair and watch along!