Time Out NY Ranks PERIODS. #15 in their “50 Funniest Web Series” List

It’s not Schindler’s List but we’re just as excited to be on it!

Time Out NY put out their list of “5o Funniest Web Series” and PERIODS. made the cut. We beat Jerry Seinfeld! We Beat Jerry Seinfeld!

Coming in right before Wainy Days, The Guild, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but rightfully after Between Two Ferns and Children’s Hospital, PERIODS. miraculously placed number 15 among the other amazing and established Web Series.

Matthew Love of Time Out NY wrote:

“Each episode of Periods takes characters from a touchstone work of literature (Ethan Frome, say), or a historical clique (Pilgrims, for instance) and fills their mouths with elliptical, modern speech. More than tossing in some likes and ums, though, the Periods crew’s attention to detail is unsurpassed: The costumes, sets and performances are all stellar, and each episode has its own genre spoof tucked away in it—the girls of Little Women get catty via vlogs; Adam and Eve are on a reality show with God (“Hiii, I’m Eve, I’m 24, and I’m from Adam’s rib”).”

Matthew Love, we love you. Check out the full article online here.

And also check out some of the other Web Series on the list. (We’re partial to Anne Carr’s The Actress and Thing X’s On Cinema, FYI we recently shot a show with Thing X for Adult Swim called Dog C.E.O. Wrap your head around that.)

Time Out NY