Periods. Films & comedian Drew Droege are baking up a new LGBT comedy series and need your support.

We’ve joined forces with internet royalty and comedy superstar Drew Droege known worldwide as YouTube’s Chloe Sevigny and once called “compulsively watchable” by The Advocate. Drew is a Groundling Alum, a stand up, a playwright, and a true friend.

Our incredible cast also includes Anna Martemucci (The Chair) and Philip Quinaz (Hollidaysburg) and some very special cast announcements to come!

Together we’re doin’ it bigger and better than ever before with our new series The Genderton Project.

The Genderton Project is a new cross-dressing comedy series in which the genders are reversed. The men will be played by women and the women will be played by men. But everything is played straighter than a shot of bourbon.

The series explores gender roles, sexuality, and sexual politics through a kaleidoscope of three intertwining story lines and eras.

The goal is to expand this digital series into a full-fledged LGBT comedy TV show by editing a pilot presentation out of a digital length series.


In 1963, a Pasadena housewife decides to kill herself when her husband ignores the delicious birthday cake the woman has baked for him. The woman’s beatnik lesbian neighbor talks her out of suicide and into a sexual awakening. As their relationship progresses the two women decide to open a bakery together and eventually publish a hit series of cook books that leads to success, jealousy and eventual murder.

In 1996, a recently bar mitzvah’d boy has a hooker procured for him on the Sunset strip by his rich ecstasy-addled publisher father. The hooker grows to become the the boys confidant, live-in nanny, and Hebrew tutor. The boy becomes her pimp.

In 2015, the same boy is now a gay man headed to a gay wedding weekend in Palm Springs with a group of friends and fellow gay men. Drugs, sex, and cook books are devoured leading the group of friends to get lost in the desert and for better or worse start their own civilization.

Imagine Michael Cunningham’s The Hours meets Portlandia and you’ll have a vague idea of the madness we are trying to achieve.

We need your help to fund production and post on a total of 30 minutes of content that when presented will make up 6, 5 minute episodes.

The Genderton Project funds will be used for:

  • Production. We believe in paying our crew more than love and praise and are hoping to recruit some top behind-the-camera talent. The more money we raise, the better the camera and lenses and lighting packages and sound we can afford. That’s the math right there.
  • Wigs & makeup. Girrlll, if we’re gonna pull off this whole cross dressing thing the way we know we can, we’re gonna need some hair & makeup. You can’t be fabulous without em.
  • Locations. Locations. Locations. With these funds we can add more authentic locations that truly capture the mood and tone we are shooting for.
  • Post. This is where we add the special sauce. The more money we raise the longer we have to perfect our recipe.
  • Campaign costs. For the sake of true transparency, only about $12,000 of the $15,000 we are raising goes toward production and post-production costs. Indiegogo, perks, & Paypal make up roughly 15%. But we need every dime to make this as awesome as we possibly can.

In addition, we plan to donate 2% of the total funds raised to the Human Rights Campaign.

86% of all funds raised will be used to produce The Genderton Project  which will in turn cover 69% of the total 22k budget. Chew on a slice of pie chart and see how the numbers breakdown:

*If we manage to raise more than the initial goal of 15k we will be adding various stretch goals including more episodes and a spinoff series.


The Genderton Project will be shot entirely in our new hometown of Los Angeles, California.


Production will begin in April, promptly after this campaign closes. We have an estimated 4 shoot days followed immediately by post-production. The hope is to have series will premiere in July 2015.

Everyone who donates $1 or more automatically gets on our super secret Periods. Films mailing list, a high five from us when we see you, and possibly a hug (if it feels right). Also a special thanks and our eternal gratitude.

And in addition we have some really fun one-of-a-kind perks for people who help.

We get it. You crowd-funded your buddy’s project and never heard about it again. Another of your friends used their campaign to fund a “beers of the world” trip. How do you know if backing this project will lead to a finished product or anything good?

  1. We’ve always made the most with very little, and still managed to put out some of the best quality content online over the past 5 years.  We want to continue to do this, but on a larger scale and with more resources.
  2. We have the infrastructure to produce quality content. The funds we are raising are for production and production quality. In other words, the majority of the funds end up on your screen. Exactly where you want them.
  3. In the past our shorts were produced personally out of pocket (very shallow ones) with cast and crew members donating their time, equipment, and services. We want to take some of that insane production burden off the rest of the team. With your contribution, we’ll be able to produce this series just as any other professional series would be produced.


Written by Drew Droege, Anna Martemucci, & Victor Quinaz

Directed by Victor Quinaz

Producers Philip Quinaz, Victor Quinaz, Anna Martemucci, Drew Droege & Josh Hetzler

Executive Producers Julie Buck

Featuring Drew Droege, Anna Martemucci, Philip Quinaz, and some special cast announcements to come …

Co-production of Periods. Films/Hello Please