PERIODS. had quite the summer.


Following our  release of RE:CREATION at the start of May, we released two more films (FOPS & EAST OF EDEN) leading up to the big Hollywood premiere of our newly edited feature film presentation of PERIODS. for the Hollyshort Film Festival at Grauman’s Chinese. A mountain of press and good wishes followed.

(Giovanni P Autran, Mary Grill, Matt Hobby, Anna Martemucci, PQ, ZQ, Alison Fyhrie, Julie Ann Dulude, & VQ)

LA Times did a great feature on us and our favorite matador, Zachary Quinto. In the article Daniel Sol, one of the founders of the HollyShorts Festival, describes what we’re doing as “a really great case study of what modern indie filmmaking is all about today, utilizing the digital and social media tools to get high-quality content to the masses worldwide without having to spend an astronomical amount on overhead and marketing.

It’s true we pay the crew and cast in pixie sticks and water.

The big night went swimmingly and the PERIODS. gang even learned a few things from the shorts that played beforehand like what Neil Labute thinks of homeless people (not good things) and how to kill a whorehouse full of hookers. thought “PERIODS. put an exclamation point on the night.

We also dropped our latest short that same night, EAST OF EDEN, featuring everyone’s favorite twin, Penn Badgley.

The short was released exclusively on “Sibling rivalry in pre-war Central California, the American dream, and… dick jokes? East of Eden is a staple tome known to every Lit major on earth, but the tale of two brothers caught up in family dramarama hasn’t been told quite like it is in Victor Quinaz’s new short film.” The short “breathes LOLs into Steinbeck’s heavy 20th century saga with a wink” and gives “Badgley a fantastic forum to flex his comic chops.”

(Co-creators Anna Martemucci and Victor Quinaz)

The Huffington Post also reported, “The PERIODS. film collective has been specializing in quality, re-interpreted historical comedy films for a few years now, finding viral and critical success online, but recently some more high-profile names have joined their fold.”

After that it was off to the races as the film got picked up by Jezebel, Buzzfeed, Crushable (“Things get a little Mamet at one point when Caleb and his dad just keep calling each other “dick””), Vulture, Just Jared (“Directed by John Steinbeck” RIP), Videogum, front page of Funny Or Die, and of course our favorite user comments on the Internet, The Hairpin.

But the real cherry on top is that we have finally announced and shown the trailer to our first official feature film THE JONES/HAVEMEYER WEDDING coming in 2013. The film was produced by Anonymous Content (Eternal Sunshine, 50 First Dates) and ZQ’s Before The Door Pictures (Margin Call). We can’t tell you too much about it but we can tell you that it is really funny movie that is a completely new and fresh take on the standard issue wedding movie.

Summer ’12 might have been the summer of love for us, but fall is looking to be an all out lovefest as we wrap up of God series, G-CHATS, release our newest short LIL WOMEN featuring our favorite YouTube star Grace Helbig (Daily Grace, Attack the Show), and set our release date for THE JONES/HAVEMEYER WEDDING.

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