Chapter Three of The Genderton Project Wins at LA Film Fest

“The Genderton Project”
Wins the Audience Award for Best Web Series at the Los Angeles Film Festival

Directed by Anna Martemucci (Hollidaysburg) and starring Drew Droege (Chloe), John Milhiser (SNL), Beth Crosby (Jessica & Hunter), & Finn & Franny Flackett-Levin.

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We are honored to be included in this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival premiering alongside like-minded digital & short film creators. This would not have been possible if it were not for the support and contributions of people like you. Special thanks to Drea Clark, our amazing crew that raced to make this happen, and Tunnel Post!

The Genderton Project is a new cross-dressing comedy series in which the genders are reversed. The men will be played by women and the women will be played by men. But everything is played straighter than a shot of bourbon.

The series explores gender roles, sexuality, and sexual politics through a kaleidoscope of three intertwining story lines and eras.

The goal is to expand this digital series into a full-fledged LGBT comedy TV show by editing a pilot presentation out of a digital length series. With the release of the initial three shorts sometime in the fall.


In 1963, a Pasadena housewife decides to kill herself when her husband ignores the delicious birthday cake the woman has baked for him.

In 1996, a boy has a hooker procured for him on the Sunset strip by his rich ecstasy-addled publisher father for his bar mitzvah’d.

In 2015, the same boy is now a gay man headed to a gay wedding weekend in Palm Springs with a group of friends and fellow gay men.

In addition, we donated 2% of the total funds raised to the Human Rights Campaign.