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You’re invited to BREAKUP AT A WEDDING

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You Think this is the Most Stressful Day of Your Life? I Do.

As most of you know it has been over 2 years in the making but Alison Jones and Phil Havemeyer are finally breaking up! Oscilloscope Laboratories, PERIODS. Films, Before The Door Pictures (Margin Call), Anonymous Content (Eternal Sunshine), and Robinson Films invite you to finally join in the celebration. Come see the movie that was once called “a clown with its c*ck out.

A big thank you to all of you for your support and patience as well as the amazing crew at PERIODS. Films. Here’s a list of FREE upcoming Screenings:

June 18 at 4-Star Theater 
tickets here.
June 19 at O Cinema
tickets here
June 19 at Living Room 
tickets here.
June 20 at the Downtown Independent


PERIODS. presents NYC, 1983.


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More March Sister Madness!


The sisters are back and each one has something totes important to share with you. Just don’t tell the others. Nine new videos in partnership with Nerdist.

Topics range from shawl haulz to Suff-RAGE, Amy’s new bodice to Beth’s symptoms, the real civil war and maternal jail, to a full smokey-eye tutorial and a new recipe for low carb muffins (the secret is saw dust!)



BREAKUP AT A WEDDING Our Official Poster!

Come Join the Celebration!

June 18th on VOD & All Digital Platforms

(and very select theaters!)


Entertainment Weekly Interviews BREAKUP AT A WEDDING Producer Zachary Quinto

It’s Cool. ZQ’s Got our Back.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed our fearless producer Zachary Quinto who produced BREAKUP AT A WEDDING (along with the Oscar nominated MARGIN CALL and the recent Cannes premiered ALL IS LOST) through his company Before The Door Pictures. ZQ is pretty much the coolest dude around and we’re beyond grateful that he’s got our back. We posted the interview below.

EW.com wrote:

Over the past few years, Zachary Quinto has established his acting rep by playing Sylar inHeroes, a couple of memorable roles on American Horror Story, and, of course, Spock in the last two Star Trek movies. So you could describe his transition into producing as, well, “logical.” Certainly it has gotten off to an encouraging start. Quinto produced director J.C. Chandor’s financial crisis movie Margin Call through the actor’s Before the Door company — the production outfit he runs with partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson — and exec produced Chandor’s Robert Redford-starring All Is Lost, which just screened at Cannes.


Through Behind the Door, Quinto has also produced the new film Breakup at a Wedding, a nuptials-themed comedy which is told through the lenses of the wedding videographers. Directed by Victor Quinaz and starring Quinaz’s brother Philip and Alison Fyhrie as the engaged couple this tale of a big-day-which-goes-horribly-awry is available on VOD from June 18.

Below, Quinto talks about Breakup at a Wedding and, below that, you can exclusively check out the movie’s new poster which was created by Tom Hodge (the designer responsible for the similarly eye-catching posters for The Innkeepers and Hobo With a Shotgun).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m guessing you’re kind of happy to be talking about something which doesn’t involve spaceships.
Well, I’ve been having a great time talking about all that stuff, too. No complaints! But it’s always good to promote other projects that I have going on. The great thing about this movie is that it really is a friends and family situation. We’ve known Victor and Anna (Martemucci, who cowrote the film with the Quinaz brothers) for years. And to be able to give them this opportunity and to bring all the other collaborators that they work with on a regular basis into the equation was really gratifying for us. One of our main tenets is providing opportnities for people that we’ve loved and have inspired us for a long time and Victor and Anna are certainly among them.

The wedding comedy is well-tilled ground. What attracted you to the project?
One of the other things that we’re really focused on at my production company is innovative storytelling, whether that means the story itself or the style in which the story is told. In this case, we felt like, yes, the wedding comedy has definitely been done and done very well by other people already. But what we felt was fascinating about this script was taking the found footage mode — that tends to be reserved for more horror, thriller, genre projects — and applying it to this more traditional romantic comedy.

We’re really excited to be working with Oscilloscope and obviously this poster that they’ve done up which is so incredible, to see all the faces of all of our friends in that kind of high art rendering, it’s really gratifying. It’s been all-round a really good experience and on the heels of everything else that I have going on.

This film is different in almost every imaginable way from Margin Call. Was it a similarly different experience in terms of producing it? Or were many of the challenges and problems the same?
t was very different to produce this, just simply based on the budget. I mean, Margin Call was about a $3.5M film and this is a half of a million dollar film. So we had less resources and less time. It was also different because it was our friends and literally their family—you know, Victor and Phil are brothers and Victor’s mom is in the movie and Anna’s mom is in the movie. It really was a friends and family affair. We had a lot of good times while making it but we basically holed ourselves up in a hotel out by JFK and just were there for pretty much two weeks banging away all hours and shooting multiple pages a day. It was definitely a briskexperience but luckily the style of the film allowed for that to happen. It was really fun, but definitely a brief encounter.

Did making this movie alter your own views on marriage at all?
[Laughs] Um…No. I think there’s a tremendous amount of heart in the film and I think the journey that Phil and Alison take in the movie is one that is very relatable in terms of people entering into that institution. But I would say my views on marriage are ambivalent at best anyway so I feel like it’s just sort of kept me in that same space.

What’s the one practical lesson you’ve learned as a producer?
ot to sit in meetings where they’re talking about actors and actors’ value. There are certainly things I’ve learned as a producer that no actor should ever know. And the way that we are talked about in financing meetings and casting meetings is one of them. So I recuse myself of those conversations with financiers until my business partners are able to handle that part of it and then I come in.

When you say the “value” of actors you mean their actual financial value to a project?
Yeah. You know, we all have a number attached to our name and that number is different domestically than it is internationally. It’s different in different territories and financiers really do break it down by those kind of metrics. It’s horrible because you’re talking about people and you’re talking about talented people and to hear them talked about in such a broad and impersonal way can be really disappointing.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I feel like we’ve all got a number by our names one way or another.
Yeah, you’re right. I guess that’s true. It doesn’t make me feel any better. But thanks for trying!

Edith Wharton Had a Great Sense of Humor: PERIODS. at The Mount! Part of the 2013 Berkshire International Film Festival

We Couldn’t Be More Honored (or Terrified)

Well, we don’t know how this happened exactly but somehow PERIODS. has been invited to show the feature length version of our short work at Edith Wharton’s estate The Mount as part of the Berkshire Film Festival proving that Edith Whartonites have a really really great sense of humor.

The screening will be held on June 2nd at 3pm at the estate and screened in Edith’s barn. There will be a talk-back afterwards with Victor and Anna as well as some of the cast (now’s your chance to have them explain themselves in person and ask for your clicks back).


We will also be debuting our newest film BIG CITY, BRIGHT LIGHTS our 1st person POV take on NYC in the coke fueled 1980′s (it’s as dark as it sounds!)




You’re Invited to BREAKUP AT A WEDDING with PERIODS. Films and Oscilloscope Labs


It’s Official! Oscilloscope Laboratories and PERIODS. Films are getting married (or are they?) and their having a BREAKUP AT A WEDDING. You’re all invited June 18th on VOD and all Digital Platforms (iTunes, Amazon) as well a special theatrical release. Here’s the official announcement:


April 24, 2013—Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Victor Quinaz’s debut feature, BREAKUP AT A WEDDING.  A co-production of Zachary Quinto, Corey Moosa, and Neal Dodson’s Before The Door Pictures (MARGIN CALL, upcoming Cannes entry ALL IS LOST) and Anonymous Content (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, WINTER’S BONE), the film will be released on June 18th across all cable VOD and digital platforms, with select event screenings and a college tour leading up to the release

Alison Jones & Phil Havemeyer vow to get through this.

Alison Jones & Phil Havemeyer vow to get through this.

Seen through the lens of an ambitious wedding videographer (played by the director, Victor Quinaz), BREAKUP AT A WEDDING gives us the nuptials of Alison Jones (Alison Fyhrie) and Phil Havemeyer (Philip Quinaz, the director’s real-life younger brother) in all of its sprawling, messy, and often wildly inebriated glory.  On the eve of their wedding, Alison gets cold feet and decides to break up with her fiancé Phil. But rather than face the embarrassment of calling off the ceremony, Alison suggests to Phil that they proceed with a sham wedding. Phil is more than game to try, secretly hoping that a surprise gift he has for Alison will ultimately change her mind.

BREAKUP AT A WEDDING was written and directed by Victor Quinaz. His then fiancé/now wife Anna Martemucci along with his brother Phillip Quinaz co- wrote the script and all three also appear in the cast of the ensemble feature. Quinaz and Martemucci said “We’re thrilled to be associated with a company we’ve long admired. Also honored that BREAKUP AT A WEDDING will have the distinction of being the Oscilloscope movie with the highest number of on-screen chocolate fountains.”

O-Scope’s David Laub and Dan Berger said, “BREAKUP AT A WEDDING perfectly captures the insanity surrounding most weddings and then amplifies it to the absurd and hysterical, yet somehow always manages to be both poignant and relatable.  Victor and Anna are wonderfully talented and creative filmmakers and we’re delighted to be dipping into their chocolate fountain.”

Producer Zachary Quinto, further added, “Victor and Anna are innovative, articulate, and passionate about their ambitions, both creatively and professionally, and we are honored to bring their work to a larger audience”

BREAKUP AT A WEDDING is a PERIODS. film, directed by Victor Quinaz and written by Anna Martemucci, Victor Quinaz and Philip Quinaz. The film was a co-production with Scott Robinson’s Robinson Films, Inc. Quinaz and Martemucci are repped by United Talent Agency and Anonymous Content.



Caleb and Aron are identical twins. Identical in every way but one. PERIODS. adapts an American Classic.


PERIODS. very first podcast!

Anne Frank is back and hosting her own show! Join her and her co-host Peter as they explore cultures, stories, and characters beyond the attic ala “This American Life.”

EPISODE 1: BOYS & GIRLS, Anne wonders if everyone else around the world is experiencing funny thoughts and feelings about the opposite sex. She visits with an American sleepover featuring Lolita and reads letters written by Napoleon and Josephine.

Download it on iTunes for free!