Anna from FARGO


Periods. Film creator and director of our upcoming film Hollidaysburg Anna Martemucci writes about Emmy Nominated show FARGO for The Talkhouse.

“When I was six years old and living in Fargo, North Dakota, my dad’s colleague Donna, (a beautiful Vietnamese woman who wore plastic earrings and iridescent eyeshadow) took me to the theater to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit and then for a burger at Fuddruckers, and I truly believed it to be the best day of my life…until later, when I found out my dad had been fucking Donna behind my mom’s back and our family imploded.

The above statements aren’t true. I did live in Fargo, North Dakota, when I was six, but the rest is made up. I thought it might be fun to mess with an audience for a second the same way the Coen brothers, and now Noah Hawley, creator of the great new FX series Fargo, have been messing with me for years.”

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